Here at Diamond Dental Care, we can provide patients with high quality BruxZir® crowns to restore and enhance the appearance of their smile! Our dentists may use BruxZir to provide you with longer-lasting, more durable dental crowns. Learn more about BruxZir® crowns in Arlington, Texas, by calling us today at 817-563-1111. We also invite you to schedule an appointment with either Dr. Fred Turner or Dr. Lynott!

BruxZir® dental crowns are a great alternative to regular crowns due to their high capability for fracture resistance. These crowns are designed to last considerably longer than others and will not cause added damage to your other surrounding teeth. Our dentists may recommend BruxZir® to patients seeking more natural-looking crowns due to their ability to provide more aesthetics to your smile. These crowns also provide more comfort than regular crowns and can improve function in your mouth.

With BruxZir® dental crowns, we can assist you in feeling more uplifted and confident with the appearance of your teeth. To learn more, contact our office today and schedule a consultation.